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There comes a stage in all our lives when it’s natural to think about when we won’t be here.  Many people wish to provide for their funeral expenses, and don’t wont  to leave the burden of  funeral costs and the worry of deciding on the funeral arrangements with the family., and a pre-paid Funeral Plan is a caring, sensible and cost-effective way to do so. Therefore if such matters are of concern to yourself then a Golden Charter Pre Paid Funeral Plan
will bring you peace of mind.

Golden Charter Funeral plans have a unique combination of benefits allowing a thought-out decision  to be made and ensure that your wishes are put in place, which therefore takes the emotional and financial upset from the family members. Golden Charter provides a guarantee that all the costs within our independent Funeral Directors control are covered and your payment will be held by an independent trust fund on behalf of your selected funeral director providing you with financial security. Choosing Golden Charter provides a proven value as evidence shows a Golden Charter plan is better value than a high interest building Society account and there is no restrictions on your choice of Funeral director  giving you a freedom of choice

There are three golden charter plans ranging from the most simple to the most comprehensive and you can make sure your personal requests are included in any plan.

For more information on Pre-Paid Funeral Plans or to receive a brochure containing all relevant information.

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